Blog May 22, 2023

Autism Acceptance and Treatment

Can Autism Treatment & Autism Acceptance Coexist? We believe that autism treatment and autism acceptance not only can coexist but should coexist in a world that values inclusion, encourages personal growth and celebrates our…

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Blog Apr 17, 2023

Early Childhood Program: The Right Start for Young Learners

Every parent wants their child to get the best start in life. For children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), that means the earliest possible diagnosis and treatment, which isn’t always easy to obtain. It can be particularly…

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Blog Feb 23, 2023

Housing for Adults with Autism: A Dilemma for Many

Adults with Autism Ask: Where Will I Live? Remember how nervous and excited you were to move into your first apartment? Or how bittersweet it felt to take your kids to college? Leaving your childhood home is a rite of passage…

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Blog Jan 13, 2023

College Partnerships Open Doors, Creative Positive Synergy

When Kristine Quinby founded Potential, she had a vision for the organization modeled after teaching hospitals. She not only wanted to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality ABA therapies to clients, she also wanted to nurture…

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