Services for Children Ages 1 – 5

Potential’s comprehensive Early Childhood Program strives to treat multiple developmental domains affected by autism, including cognitive, communicative, social, emotional and adaptive functioning. Our programs for early learners are tailored to the individual needs of the child and family. These options are designed to address the full spectrum of symptoms of autism, or a limited number of key functional skills. 

While service recommendations are individualized, learners enrolled in the Early Childhood Program at Potential may receive up to 40 service hours per week to help:

  • Reduce the symptoms of autism so that the child’s behavior may become indistinguishable from their peers
  • Increase communication
  • Decrease problem behavior
  • Learn social skills

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We take the time to understand your loved one’s strengths and needs. We also consider previous-life experiences, present-day challenges, and future goals.

Our Approach
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