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We offer four services for adults up to age 64. An adult may participate in one or a combination of these services depending upon their goals:

  • Supported Employment
  • Systemic Skill Building
  • Behavior Support Services 
  • Community Supports 

Service hours can vary from 2 to 45 hours each week, and all services are covered under the Adult Autism, Consolidated, PF/DS, or Home and Community Waivers.

Supported Employment 

Through this service, clients are paired with one of Potential’s Employment Specialists, who help them obtain and maintain employment or volunteer work in the community. This includes:

  • Assisting with job search and interview skills
  • Developing and enhancing the skills required for the client’s desired job
  • Developing the adaptive workplace social skills needed for on-the-job success 
  • Providing the client with support as needed to ensure their success
  • Providing transportation to and from the client’s workplace as needed

Our Employment Specialists also put into place behavior support and/or skill-building goals outlined in the client’s Individual Support Plan (ISP). Client progress is measured regularly.

Systemic Skill Building

This service strives to increase a client’s quality of life by increasing their independence. Clients work with a Skill Builder (a bachelor’s level certified Behavior Technician who completed the skill-building plan development training) to develop life goals. Using Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) techniques in the community or home, our staff help clients develop the new life skills needed to achieve their goal. This process is supervised by a Behavior Analyst. 

Behavior Support Services

Sometimes, a client may come to us with a problem behavior that is new or that is well-established. In these cases, one of our master’s level Licensed Behavior Specialists or Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs) works to determine the cause of the behavior. The results of this analysis help us develop a plan that uses ABA to address the cause of the behavior.

Community Supports

Community Supports is a data-driven service that helps clients acquire, improve upon and retain the skills they need to live and function successfully within the community. This service includes activities of daily living goals identified in the client’s ISP, such as bathing, dressing or eating. Instrumental activities of daily living, such as communication, socialization, money and time management, cooking, leisure skills, and safety in their environment, are also taught. The progress of each client is measured regularly, and revisions to their service plan are made as needed.

When working with adults with autism, we strive to increase their quality of life by increasing their independence.

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