Every parent wants their child to get the best possible start in life. For parents whose child is on the spectrum, getting a diagnosis and starting treatment at a young age go hand in hand with progress. Early interventions and ABA therapies can help the child learn to manage or lessen their symptoms sooner, which in turn improves their ability to learn and achieve greater independence throughout life. The impact can be life-changing.

Parents understand this but don’t always know where to start. When choosing an early childhood program, Jordan Hulass, lead program coordinator of Potential’s early childhood program, offers these guidelines:

  • ABA therapies have proven to be the gold standard in treating autism. Programs that take this approach should top your list.
  • Choose a program that is focused on the individual needs of your child and your family.
  • Family involvement should be welcomed and encouraged. Frequent and open communication is an essential component of quality care.
  • Observe how staff is supported. Seek an organization that respects its staff and provides supervision, training and development.
  • Ask about the organization’s approach to such key tactics as limiting negative behaviors, replacing interfering behaviors, encouraging socialization and coping skills, and assisting with functional activities of daily living.

“We work one-on-one with children and meet regularly with their loved ones so that we understand their strengths and needs, challenges and goals,” Jordan explains. “We assess each client, and determine how we can help meet milestones and be successful not just in our environment, but in less structured and restrictive environments. Our goal is to see our early learners be successful in school or the next level of care.”

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