The Perfect Gift

For many of us, it’s more fun to give a gift than to get one. We think carefully about what to get a friend or loved one, find the perfect gift, and take joy in watching the person open it. The satisfaction of giving can be even stronger when you give in the form of a meaningful donation to an organization in your community.

There’s a reason giving makes us feel so good—it’s been scientifically proven to benefit your physical and mental health.

A Gift to Your Health

In one study, researchers performed brain scans on people who made charitable donations. They found that right after people made donations, the parts of their brains that control reward and pleasure lit up. Other research has shown that individuals who volunteer have lower risk for heart disease and stroke. Additional health benefits linked to giving include a longer life, lower risk of depression, and better life satisfaction overall.

A Gift to the Community

In the spirit of the holidays, one of the most productive ways to celebrate the season of giving is to give back to your community. At Potential, we help community members with special needs gain the skills and abilities they need to live life to their fullest potential and live and work as independently as possible. With our help, these individuals become part of the surrounding community, they enrich that community, and they make it a better place to live.

A Gift to Potential

When you donate to a community organization, of course you want to know where your donation is going. When you make a donation to Potential, you can specify the program or fundraising campaign where you want your funds allocated. Recent options have included the Dylan Singer Fund, the playground fund and the current “End the Waitlist” campaign for autism services in our community. 

When you specify our “End the Waitlist” campaign, you can be sure that 100 percent of your donation will go directly toward recruiting and training staff, most of whom are new to the field. Why is that so important? As a non-profit organization, the only way we can expand our reach is through your generous donations.

“We are training the next generation of ABA professionals,” says Kristine Quinby, President and CEO of Potential. 

Click here to give your gift to Potential. Thank you!
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