Closures Next Week

Each year we engage in a training week to ensure we meet regulatory requirements for our staff and take time to work to improve. This year our Springtime School is still closed for all of next week 08/23-08/27th. Potential Clinic, Adult, and Evening Services will all be canceled for Wednesday through Friday of next week 08/25-08/27.

All Staff will still report in person at Newtown from 9-5 on those days.

Texting Potential

Over the past month, we have been testing a new texting system that will allow Potential Inc to engage with its staff and participants via text when needed. That system is ready to go live on 08/30/2021. At that time texts sent to our existing scheduling phone number: 215-595-8573 will receive an auto-response that redirects users to text our main line: 215-579-0670.

We will continue to monitor texts sent to the old line but request that you resend your text to the new line and update your contact in your phone. This new line does allow you to text with clinical and school staff and may have an auto attendant to help you connect to the right person depending on the time and situation. For the time being, if we do not respond within 15 minutes to you the auto-attendant will reply and give you choices of who to connect with. Our staff can also escalate these texts to real-time voice and video calls if needed or transfer the conversation/add another member to assist.

The scheduling phone will still be monitored for phone calls and voicemails for now, but ultimately we intend for all users to contact the mainline for their texting or voice needs and be redirected as necessary to the appropriate party by the auto-attendant or Administrative Assistants answering our phones.

CR Login Changing (New Date)

Central Reach, our online Electronic Health Record for Staff and participant access states they will now be updating login experiences to require and use email as of this Saturday 8/21. Please plan accordingly to utilize an email or reach out if you need help.

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