We recently spoke with two of Potential’s Program Coordinators Lindsay Murtha, BCBA, and Janeen Levine, BCBA, about their roles and what it’s like to work at Potential. Here’s what they had to share:

What’s it like to be a BCBA/Program Coordinator at Potential and what are your responsibilities?

Lindsay: “I wear many hats, but my primary responsibilities include creating, monitoring and adjusting client programs, evaluating client progress, conducting parent training, supervising RBTs, and consulting with our Springtime School teachers.”

Janeen: “It varies. For my clinic clients I perform initial evaluations and functional behavior assessments, then develop behavior plans and train RBTs on implementing those plans. For my Springtime School clients, I coordinate with teachers and therapists depending on services needed. Across all cases I develop goals for clients and prioritize those goals based on individual needs.”

Why did you choose Potential?

Lindsay: “I liked the variability of clients, the emphasis on putting the client first and the importance of meaningful changes in outcomes as a priority. Potential is also big on collaboration, working as a team, and staying current with research guiding best practices in ABA standards.”

Janeen: “Potential’s values really resonated with me. It’s a smaller organization where colleagues and co-workers are always available to brainstorm ideas and help problem solve. I was also interested in the growth potential. I recently took on the role of Training Coordinator too. I’m glad to bring my skillset to the table and to have the opportunity to work in another area about which I’m passionate.”

How is working as a BCBA at Potential different from other companies?

Lindsay: “For all the reasons I’ve mentioned above… and another benefit is that they really care about their staff. They’re open to feedback. Potential really listens and does their best to make changes based on that feedback.”

Janeen: “Potential is more collaborative than other companies I’ve worked with. They also value staff input and are very supportive, I appreciate that. Employees always have the opportunity to propose ideas, leverage those ideas and implement them with Potential’s support.”

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