When Kristine Quinby founded Potential, she had a vision for the organization modeled after teaching hospitals. She not only wanted to provide the most comprehensive, high-quality ABA therapies to clients, she also wanted to nurture a learning environment for staff. 

We are developing the future leaders of our profession.”

—Kristine Quinby

“It’s important to us as an organization that we are up to date on the latest, leading-edge research, and fostering a learning environment. By providing professional development and training, mentorships, internships, and ongoing encouragement to those continuing their education, we are developing the future leaders of our profession,” she says. “Through strong partnerships with area universities, our employees are able to secure financial assistance. But that is just one way these relationships are so valuable.”

Potential currently has partnerships with Capella University, Delaware Valley University, Holy Family University, Purdue University, Rider University and St. Joseph’s University. These partnerships offer many mutual benefits.

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