1947 Shelby Flying Cloud militarized Motorized Bicycle
Donated by AV8 Auto

Shown first in 2nd Car Show for Autism 2017 and as of October 2017 it had received 4 awards, one “best of Show”. This particular Bike frame alone has a collector’s value of about $1,000.00, with the addition of the working gas engine, and militarization the bike holds an appraised value of $2,500.00. The bike has a GVW of about 50lbs with fuel. 

Raffle tickets are $10 ($50 for a book of 6) and will be available throughout the car show. Winner may pick up the bike at Potential. Otherwise, all shipping fees are the sole responsibility of the winner.

Some history about the bikes used during WWII

 This is a custom built replica, a tribute to the bikes used during WWII by the 101st Airborne in the ETO.  These bikes were less costly and lighter than a conventional motorcycle, so they could be airlifted by a C-47. 

By building it as a true hybrid with engine and pedals these Shelby Flying Clouds gave the US troops an advantage.  The cycle could continue to be an asset to the US soldier who could maintain a faster pace peddling the bike then he could on foot.  Even without the engine that when operating could give the soldier a ground speed of about 35mph.  

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