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Potential Inc.

“Potential truly sticks by its vision of meeting the
individual needs of all children and adults.”


Our Mission

Potential, Inc. seeks to assist individuals with developmental disabilities in reaching their educational, social, and emotional potential by focusing on applying and conducting scientific research. Potential, Inc. is dedicated to providing high quality direct services, consultation, community outreach and education for families and professionals.


  • “I have been using Potential's services for 2 1/2 years to oversee a home program for my son. Potential thinks in terms of functionality vs. how old is the child and what should he/she know based on test scores. They are interested in the parent's opinion and what the parent's view as a priority.  Potential Staff has shown up for every scheduled appointment and shown interest in the child and their progress. They have been very responsive and great with troubleshooting. They have a lot of ideas about how to run programs initially and also when the therapist and/or parent and/or child get stuck. They are realistic and not opposed to stopping or putting a program on hold if it is not going anywhere.”

    - Martha W.

  • “Kristine – Thank you so  much for all your support this year. You helped keep me sane during a very crazy process. The treatment team was easy to contact. The response from the team was timely. Communication between myself and the team was useful. The behavior plan was extremely useful. I would strongly recommend services to others. I would use Potential's services in the future.”

    - Betsy C.

  • “Our family was lucky enough to have Kristine Quinby as our lead Consultant in the care of our son who was diagnosed with Autism at age 2. She directed his therapy and care for more than 5 years and continues to be there for us.  Because of Kristine and her true understanding of this disability, our child is released from all therapy and living a completely normal life. I couldn't have imagined a better outcome.  I can't say enough about Kristine and her services. She supports the family, works with the school districts and she understands your rights and the law. Potential is a superior organization.”

    – Cheryl S.

  • “Working as a Potential, Inc. employee for over five years has allowed me to witness first hand the tremendous growth in the clients and the clinic as a whole.  Potential truly sticks by it's vision of meeting the individual needs of all children and adults.  Each new service represents Kristine's goal of directly meeting the needs of the community.”

    – Cynthia Cox

Potential Inc. Updates

Join our Team!

We’re growing, and due to that growth we have opened some exciting new positions at Potential. Click Here to check out all the new positions available.

Social Skills Classes now Forming!

Classes are now forming click below to download intake form and fill out. Click here for more information on our Social Skills classes. Social Skills Intake Form 021614

Potential Inc is Closed due to Snow

Due to the snowstorm Potential Inc and The Springtime School are closed today, Thursday, 2/13/2014. Stay safe and warm.

Springtime School Logo


The Springtime School, an affiliate of Potential Inc., is licensed as a special education school for elementary aged students with autism (Grades 1-8).

Follow the link to learn more and to schedule a tour to see if the
Springtime School is right for you.
» Springtime School