What do people value most at work? The Great Resignation of 2021 and 2022 gave us some new valuable insights, and changed the workplace forever.

Here at Potential, we took note and listened to what our employees had to say. We learned that it was not just the rate of pay, but the consistency of guaranteed pay that makes such a difference in people’s lives. This was especially important to hourly team members. We also learned, through town halls, anonymous surveys and one-on-one lunches with staff, that open, honest communication was very important to our staff.

Over the years, we have traditionally boasted a high retention rate, due in large part to our culture and values. During the pandemic, when we saw some dips in retention, we took steps to ensure a strong, stable and caring work environment for everyone.

We Invest In Our Employees

“I really feel that at Potential, I am given what I need to be successful,” says Jordyn Gaber. “In a little more than a year, I have gone from being an admin to the Center Administer of our new Warminster location. They will change your role to better fit your skills and goals.”

In addition to offering extensive training and development, Potential recognizes and respects its employees by considering their individual needs and finding ways to help them grow personally and professionally. “You have to demonstrate your values through your actions. I am so proud of our supervisors who do that every day, whether they are working with a client or collaborating with a coworker,” says Kristine Quinby, President and CEO, Potential Inc. “Over and over again, our staff comments on how much they love their supervisors. That kind of leadership is what makes us a great place to work!”

Five Hallmarks of a Great Place to Work

  1. Nurture a Culture of Trust and Respect. Listen to your employees. Let them know they are heard by respecting their opinions, even if they are not your own. 
  2. Keep the Lines of Communication Open. Keep your staff informed of things happening at your organization through a variety of communication channels and be available to meet one-on-one.
  3. Provide Training and Resources. Invest in your staff. Potential offers 120 hours of new-hire training, significantly higher than the mandated 40 hour, plus ongoing opportunities for education, an employee assistance program (EAP) and more.
  4. Recognize Achievements and Milestones. Sometimes it’s the small things that make a big difference. Celebrate birthdays and anniversaries, and establish awards and other opportunities to recognize individual and team achievement.
  5. Have a Clear Vision and Stand Behind It. Employees today want to work at an organization whose values and vision they believe in. At Potential, our values of respect, compassion, teamwork and integrity drive our culture.

“Above all else, be transparent. Communicate regularly. And treat people with respect. It’s how you develop trust. It empowers people to be their best,” adds Kristine. 

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