This April, during Autism Acceptance Month, Potential amplifies its efforts to increase awareness and encourage acceptance of individuals with autism.

Potential kicked off the spring season of giving by hosting a Kentucky Derby-themed fundraiser on Saturday, March 12, at Rafters in Newtown. “A Night at the Derby” raised nearly $25,000 and succeeded in securing a record number of special appeal pledges, which will help the organization expand its resources and get closer to its goal of ending the waitlist for autism services.

“These funds will enable us to hire 10 additional behavior therapists and take 20 children off the waiting list,” says Kristine Quinby, CEO of Potential. “But there is so much more we can do to

increase awareness of autism spectrum disorder. It is crucial that we continue to build on that awareness by encouraging a compassionate understanding and acceptance of individuals with autism.”

Attendees came out dressed to impress in their Kentucky Derby best. But most of all, they came out to show their support to the many clients and families whose lives have been impacted by autism, and to help end the waitlist for quality autism services in our region.

During the event, this year’s ACE Award winners were recognized for their compassion and commitment to helping people with autism and motivating others to follow their lead. “We also honored a very special guest, Simon Grumann, whose joy for life and determination are a reminder to all of us of what is possible with the right support and care,” she says.

At this time, Potential has a waitlist of about 200 people with autism, mostly children but also some adults seeking quality care and services. “No children should have to wait for medically necessary treatment that can change the trajectory of their life,” Quinby says.

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