Training week is an annual tradition at Potential that blends education with fun. And this year was no different.  During the week of August 20th, staff engaged in a curriculum that focused on compassionate care for themselves and others. They learned about stress management techniques, journaling, and guided meditation. Staff also participated in a social interaction activity that encouraged them to think outside the box. A highlight of the curriculum was the creation of a collage now on display in the art room.

Other trainings focused on blood borne pathogens and HIPAA compliance, safe crisis management, the new Captivate text messaging program and first aid skills. Additionally, staff participated in a live watch party on Facebook with thought leader Gregory Hanley, PhD, BCBA-D, a research professor at Western New England University and the creator of practical functional Assessment. During the event Dr. Hanley even gave Potential a shout out!

Discussions around Potential’s strategic plan, our values, and the new tuition discount program rounded out the event. All sessions were planned and led by staff.  A special thank you to everyone who stepped up and facilitated training throughout the week! 

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