Karen Yosmanovich’s journey in the field of special education and applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a testament to her unwavering dedication supporting individuals with disabilities and those who support them. After helping raise her younger sister with autism, she earned bachelor degrees in Elementary Education & English from The College of New Jersey and a master’s degree in Special Education. She has taken additional doctoral courses in Special Education Leadership. This foundation laid the groundwork for her future endeavors in shaping educational experiences for students with unique learning needs.

It was in 1998 that she started working as a professional in the field of applied behavior analysis at a private school for autism. Her experiences fueled a desire to effect broader change, leading her to positions as a special education teacher and behavior analyst, where she developed programs in both public and private schools. She has been board certified in behavior analysis since 2005.

Armed with a deep understanding of behavior analysis, Karen embarked on a multifaceted career including running her own agency, Beautiful Minds of Princeton, for 16 years. As Executive Director, she oversaw the agency’s growth, providing consultation, training, and curriculum development services to families and professionals alike. Her leadership was marked by innovation and compassion, reflected in the expansion of the agency’s reach and impact.

As an Adjunct Professor at Rider University, she designed courses on Autism Spectrum Disorders and Positive Behavior Support, shaping the next generation of educators and behavior analysts.

Karen’s contributions extended to the broader professional community. She authored publications, presented at conferences nationally and internationally, and served on boards and panels dedicated to advancing evidence-based practices in special education and behavior analysis. Her expertise was sought after by organizations seeking to improve services for individuals with disabilities.

Today, as a Director of Clinical and Educational Services at Potential Inc, Karen continues to exemplify visionary leadership. She supervises a team of professionals, spearheads internal initiatives such as incorporating practical functional assessment and skill based treatment into existing programs, and drives organizational growth. Karen’s unwavering commitment to fostering independence and maximizing potential through ABA principles remains at the heart of her professional journey, inspiring those around her to embrace the limitless possibilities of every individual.

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