Mask Use

  • Optional unless exposed to COVID within the last ten days or recently recovering from COVID in the last ten days
  • Individuals who are unable to wear a mask are exempt from this policy


Response to symptoms during services

  • Individuals without a differential diagnosis displaying symptoms consistent with COVID will be isolated and interacted with utilizing PPE until they can be sent home.
  • Disinfection of high-touch surfaces should be completed by staff within the room where an individual with symptoms was isolated.

In-home Services

  • Individuals not needed for interaction during services should remain out of the general area during services and all individuals present for services have self-screened.

Visitors, Tours, and Outside Providers

  • Potential allows in-person tours, interviews, use of lobby for visitors, and allow outside providers to provide services on site. They are expected to self-screen before coming to our location.

General Safety within our Center/School

  • Rooms will remain at their current capacity. Individuals should remain 3 feet apart as feasible.
  • Posters concerning handwashing and COVID will remain posted. Sanitizer is readily available.
  • Drop off and pick up will remain from the parking lot.

Client/Student Interaction

  • Individuals may engage in group activities and interact or share toys/materials. The use of common spaces should remain scheduled to ensure access as needed for individual programs.
  • Lunchroom may be utilized following a planned schedule for access maintaining 3 feet distance.


  • Common spaces will be cleaned daily by the cleaning company at the end of each day.
  • Sanitation of surfaces and materials will be based upon these surfaces needing to be cleaned such as after interaction with bodily fluids including salvia or a sneeze. Disinfectant is available throughout the clinic
  • Zono Sanitization Equipment should be utilized for all materials that may be difficult to sanitize or if there are many materials to sanitize.

Reporting and Internal Dashboard

  • Potential should be informed by employees or participants at any point that they test positive for COVID. Potential is required to contact trace and alert transportation, State Offices, and/or Payors.
  • We maintain an internal dashboard of cases to review the rate of exposure within the company and the steps needed to mitigate the transfer of COVID.
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